I spend most of my time programming in R. This includes teaching and research. Teaching with R includes an Introduction to R course, a level 6 Statistics and a third year degree module. For my research I spend a large amount of time cleaning, organising and analysing data. Recently I have also been building Shiny apps either as online resources and to automate reporting.


Aside from internal Shiny apps I have built two Shiny servers. Both run off RStudio’s open source Shiny server.

Package Development

I have developed a package for the Epi Unit, a package for a third year degree module and I have forked a version of thesisdown specifically for the River and Lochs Institute - thesisdownrli.

Web Design

I have also been toying with d3 and have used it to produce some preliminary results from a Lyme disease project. I have also done a small amount of web design (aside from the this site) and built is the website of the marine stranding scheme scotland and something I have been working with for a few years. This website has details of strandings (once they have been confirmed and/or post mortemed) and they can be mapped or basic statistical charts shown.