Observations and Planning

March 27, 2011   

So as part of the teaching diploma I am trying to obtain I am having a couple of my lessons observed. I've now had the first observation and although it was a little strange having another teacher in the classroom, I think I got over that after about 5 minutes.

The class seemed to go quite smoothly and they behaved themselves quite well, at least until the observer left the room at which point they inundated me with questions about how I thought it was going rather than actually doing the work I had set them.

One observation/reflective thought I had was that this was the lesson I had planned the most - out of a whole year's worth of lessons. Its not that I tried to do anything I hadn't done before or wasn't going to do anyway, its just that I made sure I knew everything back to front and sideways.

The result was one of the smoothest and best timed lessons I've ever had. It just ran like clockwork. Its got me thinking that there may be something to this planning lark...