Lots of Work/Little Work

March 6, 2011   

I always thought teachers had it easy: lots of holidays, easy hours etc etc

Wow was I wrong. Having been put in the deep end with little teaching experience I've been preparing and planning as I go along. This means that sometimes I seem incredibly busy with a million things to do (when I don't post anything) and sometimes I'm not as busy (when I get around to posting).

Now I like doing all the extra work and I think that the pupils find some of the extra work I do helpful - I get requests for extra notes and sheets but I know some other staff who don't like doing (or don't d0) work outside of the time they are paid for.

I know I wouldn't be able to cope without working outside of the hours I'm officially paid for. I also think that a lot of the work I do outside of "my hours" is the most useful for the students. Its at these times that I produce the other notes, do the marking, write the feedback etc