November 15, 2015   

In the past I have collected feedback using forms of one kind or another, including those that I’ve designed myself. I never really felt like I got accurate feedback.

However, last year I tried something out with one of my classes and got a better response. I put some questions up on the board and left the room asking my class to answer the questions. I did something similar last week with my Higher Maths class and I will double check how many agreed with the feedback using Socrative. Socrative is quite nice because I can collect the responses anonymously and save all the results for later.

Anyway here are the questions and the feedback. Any comments of mine are in italics.

What’s good?

  • Level/degree of explanation concerning topics

What needs to be improved?

  • Contact details for out of class hours. Email questions. (I have added these to our online learning environment)
  • The quality of drawing straight lines.

What would you like more of?

  • Exam question walkthroughs.
  • More homework, specific for topics.

Less of?

  • N/A

General comments?

  • Good work Andrew, keep it up. (Genuine not sarcastic)