End of the year - Int2/Int1

June 9, 2011   

The only other course I taught this year was a combined Intermediate 2 and Intermediate 1 class.

This was a very difficult class to teach. By the end of the year there were three classes to teach because the Int 2 part of the class split some finishing with unit 3 and some finishing with unit 4: Applications.

The first thing I will change for next year is to set proper ground rules for the students. The students were a loud group and could sometimes be quite demanding, more so than some of my other classes. I will definitely try to get them to decide on some ground rules themselves, things that they can expect from me and what I can expect from them. There was definitely too much noise in the class, I like a little noise but it quite often got too much making it hard for them to concentrate and thus producing even more noise.

Secondly I will use group work more so that the students help themselves more than me running around the class having to help each one of them. I will also be a lot quicker to go over something on the board if a lot of students are struggling with it. This will save me time and make things a little easier for everyone. Students won't have to wait as long for help and I won't have to run around as much.

Thankfully Intermediate 1 is now being taught as a separate class. I found it almost impossible to give as much time to the Int1's as they needed. It is almost a completely different syllabus and there were some students who struggled with some of the most basic material. I could have easily spent the entire lesson with them but that would have meant neglecting the others. As it was the attendance of most of the Int1 students was bad but this may have been because I wasn't paying them enough attention. I hope to make up for these next year when I teach the whole class.

I didn't feel that I was as organised as I should have been for this class this year. I also taught it last year, but it was my only class then as opposed to one of many this year. Maybe I was to lax in my preparation a mistake I hope to solve next year. I definitely need to plan everything in greater detail next year and will hopefully have everything set up to make this possible - by having the whole summer to prepare for it.

I also hope to change up my teaching methods more next year. I got stuck in a rut a little this year - particularly with this class - hopefully I can use more interactive methods next year. This is another thing I hope to add to my planning. By mixing up group work with some interactive presentations and only trying to teach one syllabus at a time I hope to overcome the difficulties I encountered this year.